Zaranj Crisis 

On the morning of 29SEP at approximately 0300 local time a team of a dozen Americans belonging to JSOC were engaged by a force double their size, killing two and dispersing the rest into two separate groups in the border town of Zaranj, bordering Afghanistan and Iran. Initial intel reports indicate the operation against the Americans were conducted by the Quds - a extraterritorial paramilitary group of the IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps). 

The Zaranj Crisis Committee will consist of members that commonly convene in the White House’s situation room during such events and will decide on appropriate military, intelligence, political, economic, social, and diplomatic responses to the initial attack. But responses won’t be so simple. 

The town of Zaranj is unique, and deserves a delicate American approach. Coined “the scariest little corner on earth” by the New York Times, Zaranj is a hub of conflicting powers and militia groups belonging to Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and numerous non-state actors; and non-militant groups are hell-bent on migrating out of their desolate town. Faced with drastic conflicts on interest as well as necessity for peace, the Zaranj Crisis will equally test delegates' knowledge of military campaigns and political reconciliation.