Westworld Management Team, 2055

Westworld: a highly advanced theme park where guests pay upwards of $20,000 a day to enter a world where humans are indistinguishable from robots and the laws and morals of society no longer apply. Since the founding of Westworld in 2020 by Robert Ford and Arnold Weber, the park has experienced incredible demand and growth, redefining artificial intelligence and revolutionizing the theme park industry. The Westworld Management Team will join CEO Robert Ford twenty years after the park's creation to delineate its future, and will be composed of various Westworld executives, each of whom must advocate their ideas for future of the park while advancing their own personal interests. Regardless of whether you binge-watched the TV show in two days or have never heard of it before, this committee will enable delegates to engage with topics such as the ethics of creating humanoid robots, expanding Westworld into different time periods and geographies, and maintaining profitability of the park.

Of course, there might be a crisis (or two or three or ten) that throws a wrench into the plans of the management team. If you’re up for a challenge, excited about technology, and ready for a weekend full of corporate sabotage, artificial intelligence, and overall insanity, be a part of the 2040Westworld Management Team Committee!