Based on the famous Shakespearean play Romeo and Juliet, this committee takes place several years after the death of Verona’s children. Verona is in a state of crisis, with a rampaging plague that has severely cut down the city’s population, formerly prominent figures aging and dying off, and new bourgeoisie rising to power with their newly gained capital and land. Foreigners from surrounding cities are pouring into Verona, intrigued by the story of lost lovers and enticed by the prospects of taking over the city in crisis. The traditionally influential families of Verona, represented by heirs that have managed to avoid the plague, are at a major defense to preserve their positions within the city. With the elections for Verona Representative’s Congress on the horizon, it will be up to the delegates to represent these three groups in conflict and come together to construct Verona’s future and its place in the turbulent landscape of 14th century Italy.