The End of the New Order

It is March 1998, and Indonesia is on the brink of collapse. Thanks to the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, the Indonesian Rupiah is in freefall, corruption has worsened, and foreign investors are fleeing the country, taking away not only their capital but also lifelines for businesses across the archipelago. The people are in despair, and with it comes the urge to lash out. Violence has erupted throughout the country, especially towards the influential Chinese-Indonesian population. Demonstrations and protests increase in number each day that passes. Amidst the rising tension, Suharto is enjoying yet another year of his decades-long dictatorship, surrounded by his supporters, friends, and family. But in the face of such social unrest, the Suharto dictatorship is beginning to weaken, with cracks forming in every corner of society. The people are demanding change. We are at a turning point in Indonesian history and you, the Seventh Development Cabinet, are the only ones that can decide the country’s fate. Will you help Suharto secure yet another year in power? Or will you help Indonesia be reborn into something never seen before in its history…?