Star Wars: The Imperial Ruling Council, 4 ABY

The Empire has been defeated. The Emperor, the Death Star, and his enforcer Darth Vader were overcome at the Battle of Endor, and the victorious Rebel Alliance has founded the New Republic in the its wake. As shattered remnants of the Empire retreat and turn on each other in a flurry of self-destructive violence, heroes of the New Republic stand triumphant - or so it seems. On the Imperial Throneworld of Coruscant, the IMPERIAL RULING COUNCIL, a collection of admirals and bureaucrats, dark side sorcerers and spymasters, meet to decide the future of the Empire, and who will sit the Imperial Throne. Focused on political intrigue and scheming in a galaxy far far away, this committee will plot over a variety of topics: Who will be the new Emperor? How will the perfidious New Republic be stopped? And, most importantly, how will each delegate plot a path to victory?

So, to our fellow grand moffs, and to the grand admirals, stormtroopers, bounty hunters, and slavelords of the Imperial ruling Council, CMUNNY XII bids you all Dark Greetings.