Queen Elizabeth’s Councilors, 1586

After decades of rule under the Virgin Queen, 1586 Elizabethan England is facing its most perilous challenge yet. As religious tensions continue to weaken England, her greatest enemies are at her doorstep eagerly waiting to invade. Meanwhile, the race to establish an empire and assert England as the main player in Christendom is accelerating, turning the globe into a series of conflicts and dubious relations. Fated to either crumble or enter a Golden Age, the very stability of England is at stake. As Queen Elizabeth I's councilors, delegates must work together not only to maintain stability within England, but also establish themselves as worthy governors of a superpower outside its borders. While greed, fortune, and promises of limitless power threaten to corrupt the government and prevent progress, the focus of this committee is narrowed to a single consideration: Will Elizabeth's England prevail? It's up to her councilors to decide.