The London Provision for the Preservation of the Timeline

The year is 1866, and a motley collection of scholars, adventurers and scientists have gathered in London, England at the former estate of Sir. Reginald Hardgrave. The eccentric inventor had successfully invented the world’s first and only working time machine. After embarking on a series of adventures, he encountered a horrible fate for humanity somewhere in the future. He has sacrificed himself to send his only time machine and personal memoirs back to 1866. It is up to you, his trusted friends, to honor his legacy and create a better future. How you do that is up to you. Will you unite the world in a peaceful government? Bestow unfathomable secrets of technology to the world? Or simply bend time to your own nefarious ends? Whatever you choose, remember, your actions will have consequences. The future may not be written on stone, but it is unpredictable.