Puerto Rican Independence, 1948 

Wars of independence plagued the Latin American world for decades; however, the fight for Puerto Rico is not acknowledge by its colonizer, the United States. By questioning the latter’s true intentions and exposing self-serving policies, the Nationalist Party must learn how to navigate their agenda even after the establishment of the Gag Law in 1948 which forbid people from speaking or writing about independence as well as owning or displaying a Puerto Rican flag. Meanwhile, the island as a whole still suffers from the effects the exploitation of its own arable land due to the excessive bombing of Vieques and Culebra. An island isolated by distance, language, and culture is led by Pedro Albizu Campos into the fight for freedom as “United States citizens”. Now after the Jayuya uprising and simultaneously, its declaration of freedom, the nationalist party will have to decide how to proceed given the recent attempted assasination on President Truman and the backlash from the United States.