The Reconquista: Granada War of 1481-1492 JCC

The Granada War was one of surprise, internal conflict, and religious tensions. The last stand of the Moors against Catholic Spain began in late 1481, with a surprise attack by the Moors upon the city of Zahara. This provocation sparked a conflict that lasted ten years and threatened to eradicate the presence of the Muslim faith in Spain. Within the Islamic Emirate of Granada, a struggle between a father, a son, and an uncle all vying for power jeopardizes the fragile stability of the Emirate and puts their military capabilities at risk. On the Spanish side, dissent over treatment of religious converts threatens to cause a rift between the political ambitions of the King and Queen and the religious fervor of the Cardinals. As the war progresses, technological advances, particularly regarding artillery, open possibilities unforeseeable ten years prior. The ability of each committee to harness this new development will be critical in bringing a favorable end to the war. As a Joint Crisis Committee, delegates will be pitted not merely against the force of history, but also a room of equally dedicated, driven students, creating another layer of urgency - and unexpected action - sure to change any predetermined fate of the Reconquista.