A Meeting in the dreaming

Morpheus, Dream of the Endless, has confronted Lucifer Morningstar. He expected to meet the hordes of Hell, to face a war against the Demons of the Fallen Angel, but instead, he finds Hell... empty. Lucifer has abdicated his throne, locked all portals leading to his realm, and has released his Demons to the various planes of existence. And, his work finished, Lucifer has found it fitting to give Hell's key to Dream. Word of Lucifer's abdication spreads quickly, and soon, delegations from Chaos and Order, from the Silver City, from the Egyptian and Norse pantheons, have all descended on the Dreaming. They all want the same thing - control of Morningstar's old domain.

Welcome to A Meeting In the Dreaming. In this committee, the Gods are alive, and they all share the same dream. Delegates will need to think outside of the box, and obey the laws of the planes, in order to reach consensus. What the hell will you do with Hell?