Conference for the Unification of Germany, 1865

Culminating with a series of protests and revolutions, the ‘German Issue’ - the concern among many Germanic states that they must unify in the face of other rapidly expanding European powers – reached a head in 1848. Resulting in a reshuffle of political powers in the region, powerful statesmen such as Klemens von Metternich were left to fend for themselves as the status of the region was thrown into increasing turmoil. Almost twenty years later, the question has yet to be resolved, and the call for German unity has been answered by the formation of this conference. Under increasingly tumultuous domestic and international pressure, delegates must face preeminent conflicts and questions over the very identity of Germany. Should the Germanic states unify? How will unification be achieved? Or will all of Europe fall into chaos?

Delegates should note that this committee is a hybrid, blending much of a traditional crisis’ form with procedural elements of a GA.