Fight for the vietnamese throne: The Tran-Ly Struggle, 1225

The year is 1225, and Empress Ly Chieu Hoang has ascended to the throne of Dai Viet – modern day Vietnam — as the first female ruler of the Ly Dynasty that has ruled the kingdom for nearly 200 years, ever since its secession from the Chinese Empire. But if the powerful Tran clan has anything to do with it, she may be the last Ly ruler altogether. Eager to seize the throne for themselves, the Tran have gained such power in the imperial court that the Ly Empress has become little more than a figurehead. Meanwhile, with the young Empress approaching marriage age, whoever earns her hand will have a chance to gain the throne — not just for himself, but for his clan for centuries to come.

Will the Ly Dynasty survive this crisis, or will the ascendent Tran family start a dynasty of their own? And how will Vietnam's powerful neighbors and often-times enemies — in China, Cambodia, Champa, and even Mongolia — react to this crisis on their doorsteps? Join us for a tale of court intrigue and subtle machinations, arranged marriages and brutal assassinations, Confucian diplomacy and all-out war: in a true, little known story that makes Game of Thrones look tame.