Committee room allocation


Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary General: LERNER 476A (Session II), LERNER Satow Room (regular)

A House Divided Cannot Stand: HAM 507

A Meeting in the Dreaming: HAM 717

The End of the Qianlong Empire: HAM 306

An Extraordinary Meeting of Brazilian Leadership: HAM 609

The Fifth Republic of Korea: HAM 503 (Sessions I-III), HAM 516 (Sessions IV-VI)

Fight for the Vietnamese Throne: HAM 301

Final War of the Roman Republic: HAM 511

House Un-American Activities: HAM 607

JCC: When Christ and His Saint’s Slept (Matilda): HAM 402

JCC: When Christ and His Saint’s Slept (Stephen): HAM 401

Macbeth (Origins): HAM 309

Mai’86 (Les Accords de Grenelles): HAM 315

Narendra Modi’s Council: HAM 616

New York City Hall: HAM 613

New York Theatre Association (Broadway): HAM 509

Pirate Republic: HAM 304

Puerto Rican Independence: HAM 316

Robot Revolution 2050: HAM 313

United Nations Security Council: HAM 302