JCC: When christ and his saints slept, 1141

"And men said openly that Christ and His saints slept..."
-Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

It's 1141 and England is in chaos. Men are dying on blood-soaked fields, women are grieving and children are starving. The fight for the throne of this divided kingdom between the current King Stephen and his cousin, the Empress Matilda, has plunged the country into what we now call the English Anarchy, a period of time in which order was reserved for fairy tales and chaos reigned. The
clash of these two cousins has destabilized the country and left her at the mercy of foreign wolves at the border. England is bleeding and there seems to be no way to escape from the darkness brought upon by this civil war. England's hope lies in either of these two descendants of William the Conqueror: Will it be Stephen, the popular son of the Count of Blois, who will emerge from this war with his grip on the royal sceptre? Or will the wrathful Empress Matilda, the only legitimate child of the good King Henry I, prevail in her homeland? The fate of England lies in your hands.