House un-American activities Committee, 1948

World War II has subsided, but the American people remain under threat. The specter of communism looms large over the United States as Soviet influences threaten to undermine our democracy as we know it. The House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) must lead the charge to investigate disloyalty and neutralize subversive organizations and individuals.

A changing post-war landscape means new hurdles for the committee. With the vast proliferation of radio and rising prevalence of television, American citizens now find themselves vulnerable to the reds in their own homes. From movie stars to pop singers to your local weatherman, HUAC must take care to ensure that revolutionary messages are not contaminating the airways while using these technologies to build credibility for its mission.

HUAC must likewise ensure that those entrusted with our wellbeing such as congressmen and military officers are divested of communist sympathies. By gathering intelligence, conducting hearings, and strategically broadcasting its findings, the House Un-American Activities Committee will preserve the integrity of our nation.