The Van der Linde Gang, founded in 1877 by Dutch van der Linde and Hosea Matthews, has been growing steadily in number and power over the last two decades. The gang views itself as Robin Hood-esque, taking money from those who had more than they could ever need, and giving it to those who had very little, and truly need it. Dutch’s romantic image and charisma have inspired his gang to believe in his vision of a "Savage Utopia," and it is in his name that they commit their crimes.

Now, in 1898, the gang is well poised to finally abandon their life of crime and move out west to the untamed wilderness, where civilization and the stifling hand of U.S. law enforcement won’t be able to touch them. Hiding out in West Elizabeth, just one more big robbery should put them over the top, but the question remains - which one? As the sun sets on Gilded Age America, step into the lives of the van der Linde gang, and chase what’s left of the Wild West.