Council of the Ancient World, 664-589 BCE

Welcome to the tumultuous Late Period of Ancient Egypt, set immediately prior to Cambyses’ Persian invasion. Our story begins with Assyria’s plot to rule Egypt and control the Nile Delta by installing a puppet Pharaoh. The Pharaoh is under intense scrutiny from his citizens concerned about the Kingdom of Kush and Babylonia who are eager to seize power from a newly reunified Egypt and destroy Assyrian influence. This committee was formed with the intent of resolving conflicts diplomatically. It is comprised of ancient leaders, including generals, priests, satraps, pharaohs, and kings who want to ensure peace without compromising power. Time in the committee will advance over a 75-year period and cover complex historical events including the ethnic tension caused by Greek mercenaries, the rise of the Amun-Ra priesthood in Thebes, the multiple invasions of Kush and Babylon, and the destruction of Judah and the mass exodus of Jews.