Akhenaten’s Council 1351 B.C.

The year is 1351 B.C. Pharaoh Amenhotep III has recently died and his son, Amenhotep IV, has accepted the throne of Egypt. Though his father was a rather traditional ruler, Amenhotep IV has more radical ideas about Egypt’s future. He has disbanded all former Egyptian priesthoods and has established Atenism (the worship of the Sun disk, Aten) as the sole religion of Egypt. There are even rumors that he is considering changing his name to Akhenaten to reflect his new faith. Furthermore, Amenhotep III has plans to erect new monuments celebrating both Aten and his own rule. He has even started meeting with architects to construct a new capital called Akhetaten. Within this committee, some of the most influential members of ancient Egyptian society have gathered in order to discuss what should be done about this new Pharaoh’s radical changes. Will you stand by Amenhotep III or unite the people to rise against him?