Secret Meeting of the Katipuneros, Calacoon City, Manila, Philippines, 1896

“There can be no tyrants where there are no slaves,” – José Rizal

A secret organization with Masonic origins and some of the premier Filipino intellectuals of its time, the Katipunan has recently blossomed from a gathering of six or seven intellectuals to an established network of revolutionaries preparing to remove the Philippines from the yoke of Spanish colonialism at all costs. At face value, obtaining this objective is formulated of two simple actions: recruitment of more young men and women to join the secret organization, and the dissemination of anti-colonial ideology.  Yet with the banishment of Jose Rizal, the Spanish crackdown on La Liga Filipina and the Propaganda Movement, and growing Spanish awareness of revolutionaries hiding in the shadows, the Katipunan will need to come to a consensus on how to truly and effectively oust the integrated Spanish cultural and political hegemony.


Meanwhile, General Weyler - known as “the Butcher” - is sent to quash rebellions in Cuba as the American press looks on in disbelief…