Merck & Co. has always been at the cutting edge of the pharmaceutical industry. By outperforming our rivals in research and development, and navigating through highly successful mergers and governmental regulations, our company has come back strong from the financial malaise with one of the greatest fiscal years on Merck’s record and now hinges on a new question--where do we go next? In order to develop a new company outlook and ‘navigate’ through new waters, CEO and Chairman Kenneth C. Frazier has invited you and the principal members of your staff to an all-inclusive company cruise on the “Olympic of the Seas.” 

The cruise will be a fast-paced simulation lasting for exactly 24 consecutive hours, and will operate on a separate schedule from the rest of the conference, taking place from Friday night to Saturday night, all the way up until delegate social. Don’t worry — you’ll get to take some breaks, but be prepared for an intense 24 hours.

Delegates with significant Model UN experience who are open to trying something new and different are encouraged to apply. This committee’s staff will include several former Head Delegates of Columbia’s Model United Nations Team.